While building a new Drupal site for Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies, we discovered they had a large touchscreen display that wasn’t living up to its full potential. We realized we could create an additional frontend, using both Drupal and React to make the most of their website and their touchscreen too. The project goals were to create a friendly, inviting, and intuitive interface that people would enjoy using. It also needed to be easy to update, without any dev involvement.


We created a touchscreen with aesthetically appealing and instantly familiar features that offer a simple, interactive way to find an office, locate a campus building, or see the details of any upcoming events in the space. All landing pages are fully scrollable, by simply dragging your finger up or down the screen as you would on your mobile device. Much of what is available on the site has been pared down, removing clutter to make finding information quick and painless.


The end result was a unique and useful interface to help our clients in a super specific way.

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