Previously, making donations to the Rotary Foundation involved a frustratingly slow and inefficient multi-page system. We were tasked with making the process faster, with fewer clicks and fewer steps, and allowing donors to contribute to a campaign from any Rotary campaign site. The widget needed to integrate fully with Rotary’s many internal processes. The donation app also needed to be easily customizable by Rotary’s content editors, allowing editors and campaign managers to spin up and publish new, custom donation widgets.


Our UX/Design team designed and user-tested new workflows that were easier for Rotary’s older demographic to navigate. The design itself is light and simple, hiding a complex workflow of interactive and feature-filled donation flows. Editors can create new, custom donation widgets on different Rotary web properties. Donors can guide their own experience by selecting different options along the donation flow, they see only features and functionality related to their chosen path and they can choose from a variety of gifting options.


A robust, customizable donation experience that is elegant, dynamic, responsive, and easy to use. Online donations and donor satisfaction have never been higher.

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