Sonova specializes in hearing care solutions. Each operating region has a country-specific context which Sonova wanted to showcase on their corporate website. The architecture in place allowed them to categorize each country’s pages into small, medium or large. We had created the large and medium pages during the initial Drupal 7 website build, but the smaller country pages were outdated. Amazee was tasked with developing an architecture and editorial experience that would allow Sonova to quickly create the brochure pages for the smaller one-page country sites.


We worked with Sonova to understand their editorial and content managing requirements and quickly realized that Drupal 8 - and specifically the Paragraphs module - provided much of the functionality that Sonova was looking for. But, as Sonova had invested heavily in the content and system of the Drupal 7 build years before, we instead devised an approach that allows Sonova to run Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 under the same domain, by utilizing an intermediate proxy which runs on the infrastructure, and makes smart routing decisions.


The result is significantly improved editorial experience for small country pages on Drupal 8, while continuing to benefit from their Drupal 7 site investment.

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