As the primary hospital of central Switzerland, the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital (LUKS) provides the population with comprehensive medical care. The LUKS worked together with Unic on the concept, design and frontend of their new website while Amazee Labs was responsible for the backend implementation using Drupal 8.


The new website puts patients first. The four main items in the navigation menu take visitors swiftly to the hospital’s locations and to an overview of possible illnesses, making it easier for patients to contact specialists and doctors. There are more than 100 clinics, centers and institutes, all clearly displayed, each with its own sub-page with separate menus. Drupal made it possible for different webmasters to be assigned to these sub-pages to maintain their individual site.


The end result is a patient-centric website, where defining responsibilities and assigning rights to a large number of employees is no longer an issue.

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