University St. Gallen's mandate was to re-design and develop their MBA program website. The primary goal was to offer key pieces of qualitative information that would help people research the MBA programs and make more informed decisions. Extensive research had already been done regarding the behavior of applicants and what information they would find most useful. A secondary goal was to create a contemporary design using information from the previous version that was less cluttered.


The new website was developed on a beta version of Drupal 8 in order to benefit from the latest technology standards, including greater flexibility and increased speed at which complex functionality could be developed. The integration of responsive graphs is a particular highlight. A spreadsheet upload function in the admin interface imports the data into Drupal, the editor indicates the data range and the type of chart, e.g. a pie chart – and that’s all that’s needed for content editors to create attractive charts in seconds. For the graphs, in the backend we reused some object-oriented programming code from Drupal Core and extended its functionality. In the frontend, we used a JavaScript library, called, due to its comprehensive documentation functionality and the simple yet beautiful HTML5 canvas-rendered charts it produces.


A sleek and modern website that communicates all the necessary information in an easy to navigate format.

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