Agile & Procurement

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Agile software development and enterprise procurement often collide head-on. On one side stands the procurement department that rightfully wants to know what it is paying for, on the other side stands the agency that strives for the best outcome, independent of predetermined requirements. Amazee will help you with the best legal and project management approach to enable a productive project framework for both.

An increasing amount of organizations are embracing agile, iterative project management methodologies to improve client centricity, speed, collaboration, and the ability to respond to market trends. In contrast, traditional project management styles, like waterfall, build in phases and a single "big bang" high-risk release. The transfer, however, isn't always plain vanilla. Classic enterprise procurement most often clings to the "show me for what I pay so I can push the price down" method, preventing agile service provision by agencies. Tapping into our extensive knowledge on enterprise level, Amazee will consult your organization on the best legal and project management practices for a productive and trustful project framework - within the restrictions of enterprise procurement.

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