Functional Regression Testing

Short description

Regression testing goes hand-in-hand with automated testing and ensures that your application works as it did before the update or after the addition of new features. The result is thus expected and exactly known. If it differs, the test fails, for example the sending of an email after the submission of a contact form message.

Functional regression testing ensures that the functions of a software system still perform correctly after a change. If not, that would be called a regression. Changes that may require regression testing include: bug fixes, configuration changes, or regular software enhancements. Regression testing can include the whole system or only a subset of critical functions (owing to the cost of retesting all functions) and, in that case, will be referred to as "Regression Test Selection" or "Test Case Prioritization". Talk to us to learn about automation tools and how we integrate regression testing and automated testing tools in our continuous delivery processes.

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